Search multiple folders or drives


 Search for multiple types of documents at the

 same time.


 Customize search criteria based on date, file size,

 case sensitive, hidden files, system folders, etc

 Built in image viewer for common image files

 Tag files found and copy move or delete.


 Output reports to printer or a file


 Sort files by date, type, size, path, name


 Search for text within the files and combine search criteria

 with <and> <or> operators


 Engine is highly optimized for speed and return queries

 300% faster than tradition OS search engines.












         Search Pro


$749.00 Site License


    Find documents

with ease!

 pc or network

  Click here to see an online demo

Water and waste water treatment plants have an

abundance of files and documents due to the nature of

the business. Finding documents on a workstation or a

network can be very difficult and time consuming

. Search Pro will help locate MS office documents or any other type of document in the fraction of the time it takes with traditional methods.


      Search Pro Utility Finds Documents Fast and Easy                


A very fast and effective way to find lost documents on a workstation or a network. Utilize date based query, file size, or just key words. Search Pro reduces the time it takes to find documents. Search Pro is a pc/network utility that finds and retrieves any document from a pc or network. Over time documents are collecting to add up to few hundred or even a few thousand! It is very difficult to remember where they are stored, especially if there is a long period of time since last accessed. Search Pro is faster than the Windows search tools, provides an extensive option selection, and has a built-in viewer for images. Additionally, it can search for documents using key words. Search by date or between dates, find system or hidden files, narrow the search base according to file size, specify location, and/or multiple types of documents. Tag, move and copy the files found from within the application. Search Pro was developed with  local municipalities in mind. We understand that the solutions and the tools need to be provided to everyone and that can be achieved only by enabling fair pricing. This product is provided as a site license which means it can be installed and utilized on as many pc workstations or servers necessary. The total cost of ownership is minimal since everyone can use it.







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