Backflow pro provides a built in

  report system that allows users to build

  custom reports and letters for clients at run

  time. Reports can be shared among users!


  With an integrated work order system,  personnel

  and management can keep track of all the service

  calls and work history delivered to a client.


  Other modular such as, industrial pretreatment, storm

  water, sewer inspections, potable water, etc. enhance

  the functionality of this application and centralize data.


  Customize the appearance of the interface at run time


  Open architecture data allows records to be exported and 

  accessed from multiple sources. ASCII, DBase, EXCEL , etc


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    Backflow Pro 1.0



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Query Wizard, Report Wizard, Spreadsheet Wizard,

Floating Toolbars, Report Previewer, Wallpaper Manager, Window Manager, User Defined Help, Report Writer, Search Wizard, Filter Wizard, Animated Help,

Custom Skins, Intelisense .

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Backflow Pro 1.0.  For Water And Waste Water Treatment Plans


For water and waste water treatment plants regular inspections on backflow devices are a must; not just because of regulatory agencies in some areas, but for providing excellent support to citizens. This application provides additional functionality for a lot more, including a work order system. Backflow Pro is an inspection/maintenance system  software application designed specifically for water, and wastewater treatment plants. It provides an easy to use inspection system that allows the facility to maintain records for backflow devices, inspection dates, pretreatment capacity, storm water, grease tanks, industrial pretreatment, sewer inspections, history view, potable water, etc. Also includes a wide variety of document management files.  Integrates easily with Microsoft Office and provides a built in support for Auto Cad viewers. It is open architecture, and can export data to excel, RTF, HTML, and dbase file formats. Backflow pro software is licensed three different ways. For small organizations, one license may be all that is needed. Increase the license to six or a site license (unlimited users). The one user license is a very cost effective way to start organizing operations, as well as, training key personnel with the product.

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